Thursday, 31 January 2013


The Art & Value of being Nobody
     It's nice to have a break from your usual lifestyle time to time. I've been so caught up in all kind of things lately that I didn't manage to make any time for myself. I've missed being eye on eye with the inner me. It's the moment you don't have to act as you're expected- you don't have to be a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a girlfriend, a best friend- you can be whoever you want or you can be nobody. It's actually interesting to be nobody, you put on some nice clothes- go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a dinner-all alone, imagining that you can be whoever you want- a teacher, a scientinst, a pianist, a bussiness woman, a poker player, a writer, a doctor, a chess player (though the last one wouldn't take so much imagination :))) You can act however you want, you can stare at the ceiling or you can stare at someone ( they don't know you anyway), you can flirt with the waiter, you can choose whether you want white or red wine, you can eat whatever crosses your mind and then you can smile sweetly and order 2 desserts- there's no one to judge you...
Say hi to Mr. Nobody :)

     One must appreciate the few moments he's been given to be nobody, because we all have to return to being friends, spouses, mothers, daughters eventually...


  1. Should change the title to being John (Jane) Doe, not nobody (2 offensive, like your games), in physics there r particles and anti-particles, I could write an anti-article titled Giving away everything about some guys who give out 2 many details of their lives, that's nice and interesting but could lead to regrets later, there r all kinds of followers, family (caring v much about u and asking nothing in return, friendly person (caring about u just because-like me), boyfriends (caring about u and taking advantage at a certain point), or jerks (just tryin' to take advantage) so putting everything on the table could become unpleasant (even if u like gambling - poker). Anyway everybody say that NOBODY is perfect (LOL)! Wish u the best!Doe

    1. You've made me quite curious about your identity, Mr/Ms friendly Doe ;) I appreciate your concern for me and the point is taken, I will think about making my articles less personal :)