Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2013

     The Tata Steel Chess Tournament starts today in Wijk aan Zee. It will be 2 weeks of exciting chess, I can't  wait to follow it! There are 14 players in the A group, with Magnus Carlsen as the top-seed.  Here's the list of participants:
Garry Kasparov awarding Alexandra with the Gold Medal
GMCarlsen, MagnusNOR2861

GMAronian, LevonARM2802

GMCaruana, FabianoITA2781

GMKarjakin, SergeyRUS2780
GMAnand, ViswanathanIND2772

GMNakamura, HikaruUSA2769

GMWang, HaoCHN2752

GMLeko, PeterHUN2735

GMGiri, AnishNED2720

GMHarikrishna, PentalaIND2698

GMvan Wely, LoekNED2679

GMSokolov, IvanNED2663
GML'Ami, ErwinNED2627

GMHou, YifanCHN2603

     The average rating of the tournament is 2732, which makes it a 20 category one. As a premier, we can see Hou Yifan, the former Women's World Champion playing in the A group.
     Another ineteresting player to follow is the 14 yo Alexandra Goryachkina who's the G18 World Champion and who already has an impressive 2402 Elo. She plays in the C group of the festival.
     The World Junior Champion- Ipatov Alexander (2587) participates in the B group of the event.
     It is very cool to see so many talented juniors being given the opportunity to play in such strong tournaments,I hope to be able to play there some
day too :)
Typical view of Wijk an Zee when winter 

     I hope we will see some amazing chess, and I will definetely free my tomorrow's afternoon in order to follow the Aronian-Carlsen encounter!

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