Monday, 28 January 2013


     Careless mind, pure soul, peaceful sleeping, Deep Purple on repeat, reading Dumas, finding ease while eating chocolate, giggling while reading yet another "Cool Girl"... Poof! All gone. Where? Destination unknown.
     The moment when a cup of coffee sounds as the most unappealing thing, the chocolate lies untouched for the 2nd day, I don't give a dime for the Dumas' romance, I'm frowning my eyes at myself when I only think of music and I wish I didn't promise myself not to smoke ever again. The only thing I seem to bare is reading some twisted book.Well, that's a start. I didn't feel how the day has gone, it's like I woke up some time ago and I have to go to sleep again. I think I'll go for some work out, physical challenges always distract from thinking too much...

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  1. "Le temps perdu à bâiller ne se retrouve jamais."
    Citation de Jean Dutourd ; L'âme sensible, Essai - 1959.