Friday, 25 January 2013

Is life a heartbeat?

     What's the point of living a life you've never wished for? One've got to sometimes, though I seriously doubt I could ever do it. I have no clue whether it would be better to do what I want or what the ones who love me say that I should. Maybe it's better not to relay on your own "oh, so always right" judgement.
     When have life started to be so uncertain and confusing? It's a matter of age I guess, one that should either get numbed in time or ,maybe, get solved somehow. Are there people who are actually happy? If so, they must have no conscious, no memory, no hearing, no nothing. People say- " So what? It's not like I'll always have to do it." Really? What's it- a month, a year, a breath?
     Night, red wine, haunted brain, quited smoking, work out finished, skype closed, eyes opened,baggage packed,sences driven,hands cold- let's pretend I have no soul...
     Hearts still beating, life's flowing, time's passing- life after dawn or when moon rised?

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