Friday, 25 January 2013

Mysterious rook moves

     Wijk is such an interesting chess festival! There are too many games worth being followed. The game Giri-Caruana has caught my eye today. I think it deserves to be the game of the day! Here you can see it:

     The sacrifice of the 2 pawns followed by two amazing rook maneuvers were a masterpiece!
Anish Giri
     Ten rounds have been played by now, and Magnus Carlsen is the clear lider, having 8p. Here you can see the standings.
1Carlsen, M.8.5 / 1128612929½½1½11½½111
2Anand, V.6.5 / 1027722860½1½½½½½11½
3Aronian, L.6.5 / 1028022827½0½1½½11½1
4Nakamura, H.6.5 / 1027692822½½½½½111½½
5Karjakin, S.5.5 / 10278027750½½½½½1½1½
6Leko, P.5.5 / 1027352782½½0½½½½1½1
7Harikrishna, P.5.0 / 10269827410½½½½11½0½
8Giri, A.5.0 / 1127262679½½½½0½½10½½
9van Wely, L.5.0 / 102679272800½½0½1½11
10Wang, H.4.5 / 1127522665½000½½0½11½
11Caruana, F.4.5 / 1127812661½00½0½0½½11
12Hou, Y.3.5 / 1026032638000011½0½½
13L'Ami, E.3.0 / 10262726000½½½½½000½
14Sokolov, I.2.5 / 10266725650½0½0½½0½0

Magnus Carlsen- World's Nr.1
     Magnus has had an amazing tournament so far and he's gaining 10 Elo points. I think he might get to 2900 by the end of the year.
     There are 2 more rounds to go, but I don't think that anyone will be able to challenge Carlsen for the 1st place.

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