Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WWCh Final in Khanty

   The final of the World Women's Chess Championship has started today. I don't think that anyone could predict that we'd see Antoaneta Stefanova and Anna Ushenina disputing the title. With all the favorites being knocked-out one by one in the first games, they were the two most stable and cold-blooded ones. Here are some photos from the official site of the event.
   Antoaneta tried to surprise Anna, changing her beloved Slav and playing the Bogoliubov variation instead. Anna played very unconvincingly and got a completely lost position, but Eti missed her chance when she played 31...f5 instead of giving a check on "h1", followed by 32... Qxh2 with a decisive advantage. Here's the game:

Antoaneta Stefanova

Anna Ushenina
   There are 3 more games to follow and if I would be to make a bet, my guts would suggest me Stefanova. Well, but considering the fact that women's chess is a very unpredictable phenomenon everything can happen...
    So, let's just hope for some interesting games and let Caissa choose her new queen ;)

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  1. Allez Anna ! Toute la France est avec toi ! :)