Sunday, 4 November 2012

Why don't the birds sleep?

   If you wonder where this title comes from-it's definetely not a scientific fact. It's a question that I asked my friend yesterday night,after the closing ceremony,when we were waiting the morning to come.I saw a bird flying here and there at 3 am-weird,huh? (or it's normal and the lack of any kind of sleep is talking for me now).
   Yesterday was a very nice day! I was at the closing ceremony,where I saw a very unhappy Ivanchuk (who seemed to be there only with his body) and a modest Karpov in an elegant pink shirt.Everything was done pretty quickly and we went on for dinner ( at about 10 pm). It had lasted until 00.30 am,when we finished eating a fancy chocolate dessert :)

   I've spent quite much time with Nastia Savina yesterday. She played very well in the Open and took the 1st women prize. We talked about everything in the World- like two girls almost in there twenties who try to understand how to live :)
Here is Nastia ;)

   I also went for a second walk yesterday-a "nightish" one- it was actually cooler than the 1st one! Here are some photos:

   I'm writting from Toulouse now-have to wait few more hours until my flight to Bucharest. I'm staying in a very cosy cafe called "Crystal". I had a late french breakfast with a veeeery tasty croissant and I'm looking through the window now admiring the rain :) Here's today's Toulouse seen by my camera:

   The next post will be from Romania, until then- enjoy the last hours of the week-end!

xoxo from Toulouse


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