Thursday, 29 November 2012

3rd Game of the WWCh

   The 3rd game of the World Women's Championship Final has started. Antoaneta has chosen to play the Chebanenko variation in the Slav defence (she has black today).
Black to move

   The position is still a theoretical one. It was played before by Malakhov,against Bologan yearlier this year,in July. Malakhov played  15...Kh8 in this position. The game continued 16.Ng5-Ndf6 17.Na4-h6 18.Nf3-Ne4 19.Be1-Kh7 20.Qb6 and after a long fight, black even managed to win that game,though the position was better for white,as after changing the queens,the white bishop managed to get on "e5".
   I think both Antoaneta and Anna know this game and they should have done some preparation. I guess this game might be a decisive one, one that might be the crucial one in this match.
   Let's see who's the better prepared one!

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