Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sneak shots through my memories ;)


Sibenik :)

Albena 2010

Voineasa 2010, on the way of becoming friends

When we used to make up ourselves with your mum's stuff, remember,Diana?

My first WYCC playing for Romania,2010

First training session with the Romanian team, 2010


I believe I can flyyyyyyyy!!!

When playing in the Moldavian Women Chess Champ,2008

2010,Porto-Carras "Which yacht to choose, such a difficult call!"

Main in November 2010

It's good to have friends ;) ,Iasi 2011

Porto-Carras 2011

My best birthday party ever! Porto-Carras,2011

Got attitude? Kemer,2007

Yeah,I'm a rocker and once I used to dress like one :))) Chisinau,2008

On the way of becoming the youngest Moldavian Women Chess Champion, Chisinau,2007

It's always fun to play in Chisinau! 2009

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