Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Inside warmth

    Sometimes life is simply good and there's nothing you can say about it.
    Did you ever have the feeling that everything's too good to be true? Well, I guess the answer's yes. It's the same way for me. It's a very nice feeling to be happy about the way you feel. I have rare moments when I'm so indulgent with myself. We use to think that something bad should surely happen if everything's fine, like the silence before the storm and we don't enjoy our few moments of beatitude and we stop even noticing them at some point. Why to be happy if something bad is going to happen at some point anyways? That's actualy the reason! There's no point in worrying about  the uncertain character of the future, we don't live in the future, there might be no future at all. I have an anti-depression recipe that usually works for me. I ask myself if the things are as bad as they look like and if they can be fixed. If the answer is yes then I fix them, if the answer is no- why to worry, I make myself comfortable with a big cup of cappuccino and I say to myself that better times will surely come :)
   I like this "safe" happiness, not the "I'm so excited!" one or the "Yesssss! I won!" one (well,I can't deny that I enjoy them too). The point is that this kind of happiness is a balanced one, it doesn't involve adrenaline and endorphins splashing in one's brain; it's a feeling of warmth, one that comes from inside of you, one that you want to share :)
   Why not to be a little sun from time to time?

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