Friday, 9 November 2012

Chess in Chisinau

  I've started to play  in an open in Chisinau today. It's called "Memorialul Gheorghe Ghimpu". The time control is very unusual-1h+10s/move-but I think it's good for me, as I don't need too much time. I am the 4th  in the starting ranking and I won today my both games. I've played against not so strong opponents,but if to remember my performance from France-I'm very satisfied with my today's results :) It's very funny the way I've decided to participate in this tournament - just one day before- I saw it on internet accidentally and I thought "Ok,why not, as I'm already in Chisinau..." Here is the link of the tournament:
   It was also funny to notice a real surprise on everyone's face when they were asking "Are you goiong to play?" and I was answering "Yes!" :))) Actually, it was a surprise for me too-playing in this tournament,but I don't regret it at all, I feel very good now :) I will have 2 more rounds tomorrow and then we'll have a free day-there will be a rapid where I plan to play too :)
   I was very happy to see my ex-coach- Itkis Boris playing too (he had been my coach for 5 years). Actually, he's the favorite nr.1 in the Open- it would be funny to have to play against him :)))
   These being said, I hope I'll make a nice present to myself for my birthday- some 20 Elo points :)

xoxo from Chisinau

P.S. I promise a photo-review of the tournament soon!


  1. Very interesting post! But I would strongly encourage you to enhance your English skills.

    This will be a good start -

    Best wishes

    1. I'm vey glad you like it,as about my English skills- I've got the C1 score at TOEFL- so I guess I can skip your recommendations, though I thank you for you concern :)

  2. Very good for you! But getting C1 on TOEFL exam makes you no better English speaker than standing in the garage makes you a car. But again,very good post!