Saturday, 3 November 2012

Au revoir, France!

   I've finished the tournament in Cap d'Agde today. I've won so easily today against an opponent with 2200 that it made me think what I was doing for the previous rounds with 2180 players... I think that the point was that I was so dissapointed yesterday,after I lost-that I stopped carrying about everything and I simply went to play,with absolutely no striving to win and I actually crushed my opponent-finished the game with 1:33 time on the clock ;)
   I guess my main problem was that I wanted to win too much...
   I had and I still have a very lovely day today. I've been for a walk on the beach with a friend,we spoke, took some pictures-it was very nice!
   Here are some photos:

   Going to go to watch the final match between Karpov and Ivanchuk now. I hope it will be an interesting one! 
   I will enjoy my last hours in France and then- "Au revoir!"

xoxo from Cap d'Agde