Monday, 22 April 2013

Crocodile Smile

     My adventure in Thailand continues!
     The tournament finished- I made 6p out of 9- a normal result. Well, actually I would have been dissapointed if I got this result in any other tournament- but here-in Thailand- I am satisfied with it- 5 Elo points is a small price to pay for all the new experiences I had!
     We visited the Sriracha Tiger Zoo today-it was amazing! Here are some photos:

Staging "The Nutcracker"

Sweet friend of mine-crocodile!
     This photo-well, only I know how my heart beated while the photographer took his time :D The adrenaline I got was really worth it!

Hm-dangerous... :D

Horvath Adam

Adam Horvath, Levente Vajda, Zoltan Varga and Czebe Attila (from left to right)

Some shooting?

     See you later, alligator!

More articles about Thailand to follow!

xoxo from Bangkok ;)

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