Friday, 19 April 2013

Pattayan Sun

     The sun is shining so bright- every day- brighter and brighter! It has warmed me and I am simply glowing!
     Thailand has something special- it's not only the hot weather, nice beaches and kind people- it's like here the time flows differently- quicker and with fewer stress.
     I am so happy that I am here- I strongly recommend to everyone to come to Thailand- it's an unbelievable experience!
     Here are some photos:

     As about the tournament, I managed to win yesterday from a young WFM from China. You can see the game here:

     I play against an unrated Indonesian with a 2384 performance today. I hope to have a good game :)

P.S. A big interesting photo report with the rating favorites of the tournament to follow! ;)


  1. I am sure that there's nothing interesting about photos... except you in a pool. You look so damn hot there!

    1. Well,thx :)
      But the views are really unbelievable for me- I never saw these kind of beaches before :)