Monday, 15 April 2013

So far so cool

     I am in love with Thailand!
     There've been played 2 rounds and I've got 2p out of 2. It's a double round today, so there's another game to follow in the afternoon.
     I went out for diner with some friends yesterday night and it was very cool! The city is only getting livelier at night. We tried some thai food and this time I didn't have any "chilli experience" :D I also tried a thai beer- "Chang" and it's actually not bad at all- I liked it more than the Romanian ones.
     When returning to the hotel, we found ourselves on a street with bars called "Roxy", "Red Light",etc-all pretending to offer massage... I guess it was something else meant :))) It was quite funny to look at the "ladies" standing in front of all that bars and guessing weather they are men or women :D
     A torrential rain caught us still walking then and when we finally got to our hotel we were looking like we took a shower all dressed up :)))
     Here's the game I played this morning:

     Thailand can't be compared to anything I've seen before. It's an unique experience and I am so excited that I still  have 9 days to enjoy it!

xoxo from Pattaya ;)

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