Saturday, 27 April 2013

9 Months

     I was wondering today how is that to have a child.
     When a woman spends 9 months of her life carrying a baby under her heart- what kind of love must she feel? It should be something very deep. Well, everyone knows that there's a strong connection between the mother and her child, but I started to think how special it must be only now. Why now? Because I've started to wonder how much love is there to give. How much love can one give during his life? Doesn't he run short of it at some point?
     If one can give so much love, I guess that it means that he can also take the same amount of sorrow. There should be a balance. The more you give- the more you get. There's unfortunately no filter to what you get- it can be either bad or good.
     Giving more means exposing yourself more. You put so much out there that if you lose it- there might be nothing left for you and it is scary. Well, life is generally scary and  if one would start to be afraid of getting hurt- he'll never get to grief other what or whom he lost but in the same time he'll never feel himself being integer- he'll never be so happy that he could feel that he can fly...
     Real love inspires, gives you hope and it puts all you've got on a public bench. It's a really big risk- the only hope is that the right person would take a sit on the bench and that he'd take care of what you had put there...

     The point is to choose very carefully the alley where you want to find a bench.

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