Friday, 26 April 2013

Back in Romania

     I am in Romania! It feels so good being here with the people I love after such a long and crazy adventure in Thailand!
     I have about a week of relaxation and then a very important tournament to me comes- the European Individual Men's Championship in Poland. It is going to be a very tough event, where I will play against very strong opponents every round.
     I am so happy! Thailand was great for me- it brought summer in my mind and in my life and there is nothing but big plans, hopes and dreams ahead now.
     Here are some photos from the days I spent in Bangkok after the tournament:

      I will enjoy the few days of rest I've got and then- with new forces and full of energy- all in chess!

xoxo from Romania ;) 


  1. Probabil n-am fost suficient de atent, dar n-am citit nicaieri ca ai depasit pragul de 2400 in THailanda. Chiar daca a fost temporar, e suficient pentru titlul de MI. Felicitari!

    1. Da- dupa runda 2 am trecut de pragul de 2400,dar oricum- astept sa il trec definitiv si atunci o sa-mi iau titlul :)

  2. De ce mai astepti sa iei titlul? e destul de clar:


    Such a rating need not be published. It can be obtained in the middle of a rating period, or even in the middle of a tournament. The player may then disregard subsequent results for the purpose of their title application. However the burden of proof then rests with the federation of the title applicant. It is recommended that players receive a certificate from the Chief Arbiter where they achieve the rating level during an event. Such a certificate should include a note of the date each game was played. Title applications based on unpublished ratings shall only be accepted by FIDE after agreement with the Rating Administrator and the Chairman of the Qualification Commission. Ratings in the middle of a period can be confirmed only after all tournaments for that period have been received and rated by FIDE.

    Ai normele, ai avut 2400+ "in the middle of a tournament", deci ai dreptul pe titlul de MI, nu-i asa?

    1. Da,as putea sa mi-l iau -dar nu vad rostul, nu am nevoie de IM imediat si sper ca oricum voi depasi 2400, ca altfel nu mai are logica sa continui sa joc... Nu vad de ce m-as grabi.