Monday, 24 September 2012

Romanian Superleague

   Here we are,at the Romanian Superleague...
   The weather was pretty awful the first 2 days-it was veeery cold and storming,but it's much better now :)
   Our team has already played with 2 strong teams and we won one and the other one we made a draw.There are only 8 teams playing,so we have 7 rounds and 2 free days.The first one will be after the 4th round and the other one will be after the 7th round.
   Mamaia is a nice ressort,though everything is closed in this time of the year.
   The atmosphere is nice. I was so happy to see Smaranda! We haven't seen each other for the whole summer!
   The tournaments in Romania are pretty fun,everyone knows each other,and there are a lot of friends...
   I will get back to my coffee now and I will prepare a bit afterwards...

   More photos will follow after the free day ;)

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