Sunday, 30 September 2012


   I don't feel anything anymore... You know,it's the feeling one gets after winning or losing something important.
   It's been a very tough day today.I was very determined to win and I've done everything for it- got a stable advantage from the opening with white,found the best plan to win and when I got the winning position,something weird happened. My mind started to make bad connections... The advantage slipped away and it was a perpetual on the board,but being a team championship,I had to risk,so the team could win... Unfortunately, it didn't go well and I started to lose control and I missed the draw in a rook ending. I understand that in an individual competition it wouldn't have happened,I would have simply gone for the perpetual... It's a bit frustrating,but what to do. The circumstances favored my opponent.
   I will return to Iasi tomorrow and then I'll play the Bundesliga (next week-end). My next tournament will be Cap d'Agde,from 27th of October to 4th of November. I will work on chess until then and I hope to have a good tournament there.
   I will miss Mamaia, I've had some really nice time here (if not to include the chess part,of which I'm dissapointed-mainly because today's game).
   Life is very interesting- you have to give something in order to get some other thing. You think you lose a thing, but you gain something else... Life can't be all bad or just wonderful. Life's a crossword that we all want to solve,but it never really matters if we succeed, the process of trying again and again,this is what really matters!


  1. Life is a chocolate box Irina ..sometimes a romanian one :-)

    1. It's an interesting idea-every chocolate in the box has it's own flavour- one can like it or not- but only after trying :)