Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bact to life, back to reality

   Two weeks of emotions, fighting ,struggling  are over.
   I think that it was the best time I had in the last year and I’m not saying that because I was so happy or because someone made me so happy, but because for 2 weeks(!!!)  I was doing the things I like the most-I was playing chess, socializing with almost all my friends from all over the world, having fun at the parties! After such kind of tournaments I remember why I love chess the most-one tournament is a miniature of life- trying to do your best for obtaining smth ,being let down, being very disappointed of yourself, complaining of how unfair things are, being encouraged by someone, starting to win, feeling the confidence coming back, having a crush-winning even more games, then being either very happy or again disappointed- that’s how things happen at  a chess tournament- and after all- having a sorrow/celebrate party…
   Our team had a lucky strike in the last 3 rounds and beating Peru in the last round with 2,5-1,5 score we took the 5th place, qualifying for  the World Team Championship ,where only the best 10 teams in the World are allowed to play! It’s a very big achievement for us.

   As for me, I was broken after the first 3 rounds, scoring only 0.5 out of 3 and I want to thank our captain for believing in me  when even I didn’t  and let me play, so I could have an amazing come back, scoring 6.5 out of 7!
I am also grateful that I am so lucky to have such amazing teammates, who can always support me and make me  laugh!
   I am very happy to be a part of the Chess World and I’m looking forward to see you all at the next Olympiad, in Norway,2014!