Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bitter simphony

   We got crashed yesterday... We kind of lost the chances for the gold medal and it was mostly my fault,as I  lost to a player with almost 200 Elo points less than me.It always leaves a bitter taste-lossing without getting to play. I think I underestimated my opponent-I had much more time and a playable position and I simply blundered an exchange. Well,it wasn't an obvious trick,but anyways,if I would have thought more before making the "18...Qe7??" move I think I would have seen it. I was trying to find a good part in what happened yesterday,but I couldn't, the only conlcusion to be made is the so well known: "Never underestimate your opponent".
   Tomorrow is a free day and I will try to play normally today,I think the rule that one should check if he doesn't lose anything in 2 moves before making a move will be my strategy today...

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