Sunday, 2 September 2012

Free day in Istanbul!

   Here I am,in Istanbul,wanting to share my impressions from the yesterday's Bermuda Party.
   It was really amazing to see all my friends having fun! Everyone came,some to celebrate their wins,others to forget their losses (thx God,I was in the first category)))) The music was really nice and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I was kind of dissapointed when I enetered because the place was soooo huge and there were too many unknown people and I felt a bit overwhelmed,not finding anyone whom I knew. But after the first drink (some red wine-actually not bad at all) things got better! I went to the dance floor (who cares about me wearing  some 20 cm heels??? :P) and we DANCED :))) It was really much fun-chess players definetely know how to party! I started seeing a lot of known faces around,we talked,gossiped,had some shots,danced again. The party finished at about 4 am... (I don't know how I can still walk:))))
   I feel so charged with positive energy that the World seems to be at my feet! (maybe the caramel frappuccino I'm drinking now is responsible for that :D)
   So,on this positive thought I will continue my frappuccino,letting you wish you were here the last night at Bermuda!


  1. Very nice post, you really let me imagine how it was the party, and make me a bit unhappy for not being there...:)) But most important after all, keep your positive energy forever!