Thursday, 6 September 2012

Autumn at Olympiad

   The weather has become very unpredictable in Istanbul,one minute the sun is shinning,the other minute it becomes really cloudy. That's exactly the way I feel now. I am happy that there are 4 more days,but on the other side, the tournament will come to an end so soon and that'll mean that we have to leave...Everyone will have to return to their own lives and moreover,I will start my studies at the University,I will become a part of a world that doesn't really go along with chess... I won't see my friends from chess most probably until the next spring.
   Well,now trying to switch to the"sunny" mode,here's a photo from yesterday I've found myself tagged in :)

      I hope to take more photos on the next free day,on the 8th of September and the night before :D


  1. Succes cu Philipine!

  2. Un pic triste gandurile tale... sunt convins ca iti pare rau ca se incheie olimpiada, asa mi se intampla si mie de multe ori cand ceva frumos, de vis, se apropie de sfarsit. Din pacate, lucrurile frumoase dureaza intotdeauna prea putin :((( (psihologii i-au gasit si un nume, perceptia subiectiva a timpului :)) ).

    Legat de facultate, o sa ai toata libertatea sa mergi la turnee asa cum doresti, nu te gandi ca o sa fie o restrictie. Daca pot face eu asta fiind profesor, cu atat mai mult si mai simplu tu ca studenta. Asa ca priveste viitorul in fata cu bucurie!