Friday, 28 September 2012

Lady in black

   We won 3-0 today! It always feels good to win,even if against not so strong opponents :)
   It was a very interesting day yesterday. I won my game easily because of my opponent's blundering a piece in the opening. But the interesting part is not about that-we went to play bowling in the evening with a lot of friends,the reason- bitrthday of Vlad Jianu- a strong GM and a very nice guy,to whom I wish lots of happiness and success! We had a lot of fun (esspecially when it was my turn to strike but instead, I was doing short castle after short castle-seems like I know the chess principles :))))) though everything goes with a price- I must have mixed a bit too much alcohol and my stomach wasn't happy at all about that :))) I had also to wear huuuge black sunglasses this morning ( I mean at lunch :)))) I was thinking that maybe it's not that good for my "good girl" reputation,but when to have fun if not at 18, right? So,I'm really happy that I won today,cause I was very worried that chess doesn't go along with hangovers... Of course I had to hide it under tones of make-up and to seem as serious about chess as I could-so I've also put a classic dress with high-heels.

 I was thinking that it's really important for a girl to look nice during a chess game,because it makes us much more confident and we play better. I was talking about it with a friend and he was telling me that men also play much better when they get lots of attention from women.

   So,the conclusion is to look as nice as possible at the chess board,to have tones of admirers and to kill the opponents!

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