Thursday, 20 September 2012

Autumn chess season opens ;)

   Here I am, again in Romania, trying to find some willpower for packing my still unpacked baggage :)
   I came to Chisinau after Olympiad,spent some time with my familly and got all the possible pity and care while lying in bed all the day long because of catching a very nasty flu (I heard a lot of players got it in Istanbul)... Speaking frankly-it was veeeery nice :))) Being a "wanna be" professional chess player involves doing everything by yourself-travelling alone,living alone for weeks,so I really enjoyed feeling a child again ;) I feel much better now,though I'm still on antibiotics...
   Now,talking about some news- I am officialy a student at Banks and Finances in Iasi,at the Ioan Cuza University (I've payed today the last tax). I'm studying on distance,so to have time for tournaments. I somehow can't believe that I'm already a student-the years have passed so quickly (the phrase my granny usses very often :))))) It's such a cliche,but that's how I feel. I remember myself graduating the 6th grade and thinking "God,it has been only a half, 6 more years to study!". I also remember that I was thinking that I'll get to 2400 before turning 18,that I will be playing on the 1st board for the Moldavian team,that,that,that... How many of these have come true?-Very few... So,that's the thing- we make so many plans,we imagine our lives in one,two or ten years but how much comes true? We never know how our lives will be like,so why to make plans? I guess it's just for feeling safe,it's our way of convincing ourselves that everything's going to be fine... Hm,somehow I got a bit away from what I wanted to say in the first place :)
   Now,getting back to the "news" topic, the Romanian Club Championship will start in 2 days,in Mamaia. I'm playing for "Politehnica Iasi" and my teammates are also my very good friends- Alina l'Ami and Smaranda Padurariu. I think the friendly and warm atmosphere in our team helped us to win this Championship last year,being only 3rd on the starting ranking list. We can't hope for anything less this year ;)
   It has been only 10 days since I left Istanbul and I already miss the "tournament atmosphere"-talking to your friends,analysing the games all together,making coffee for the whole team (yeah,it was my chore at the Olympiad,but it was a lucky one ;))), having long walks,gossiping :P , wanting so badly to win (!!!) ,or wanting someone else to lose (why not to admit it,everyone does :D ) I miss everything and I can't wait to get to Mamaia! I am not so sure about how I'll play,but I will feel GOOD for sure :)

  Gone to pack ;)

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