Thursday, 13 June 2013


     What is better- to be lonely or to fill it up?
     Oh, twenties- such a foolish time! That's what our mothers and elder  friends say. How well do you know the phrase "Oh, I've been through this- it's such a non-sense- you'll get over it."?
     I always think about my future and I don't really see a scenario that I would like. It doesn't really matter, does it?! I'll have time to rethink about all of these in my thirties- actually I'm not even in my twenties yet- 5 months to go.
     I am just curious when have dreaming and just living the moment started not to be enough. What a 19 y.o can possibly want more? "You tell me." you'd say. Well, I can't, because my dreams have started to turn into nightmares and my enjoying the moment has turned into worrying what's next. What is it about? I don't know- maybe it's just life. You know- this thing called life. We never thought that it could be the way it is and maybe we wanted it to be different.

     We all want to tango through our lives with a bright destiny gently touching our waist, don't we? It turns out that not only bright destinies can tango or sometimes a step might not be worth learning. How many steps of a tango have you learned? None? You're a lucky man then.
     I wish I could waltz through my whole life- knowing just 4 steps- birth, success, love and death.

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