Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lion's heart

     I stabbed a lion last night- a big, beautiful, savage, fierceful beast!
     I felt the power running through my fingers directly to his heart. I felt so strong and in control! I slowly took the knife out and I enjoyed seeing the pain I fetched. The dots of blood I saw on the blade made a shiver pass through my body. Will this wound kill him?
     He looked so superior, so royal... I knew he already forgave me. He wanted me to kill him. He came to me, I did not. He could tear me into pieces, but he preferred to look into my eyes and to plant the seed of a dark desire somewhere deep inside.
     I couldn't bear knowing this dark side of mine and I thought that it might die if I kill the lion.
     I took the lion's life, took his pride and royalty... I took his last breath and I remembered his last glance.
     The dark desire didn't disappear though... Once knowing how it feels, one can't forget.
     I walk barefooted since then- with a lion's heart in my left hand, with a bloody blade in the right one and with desire tattooed on my heart.

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  1. Le lion est mort ce soir :