Wednesday, 12 June 2013


     My first exam was on the 30th of May and I can say that it's been the most uneventful and in the same time the most uneasy two weeks in my life.
     Studying, studying, exam, studying, following the games of my friends in tournaments all over the World, then again, studying, exams. I have never felt so "not in my bowl" before... To understand why, I'll tell you a short story:
     I had to present my practice in accounting dossier some days ago. I gathered all the documents that I needed, thought of  how I would present all of them and I went to the University. When I entered the professor's office, I saw a man in his 50s, wearing a very crumpled T-shirt. He grinned to me and asked for my ID. I gave him the ID and my dossier. He opened it and gave it a flick-through. He asked some commun questions, after what he said " The invoices should have been hand-written, I can't accept the dossier". I was a bit taken by surprise, as I didn't remember for it to be metioned in the list of the required documents. I looked for it in my purse, then I showed it to the professor- showing him that there was no such mention and I couldn't have known. " Now you know, Irinuca. Goodbye", he told with a satisfied grin. WTF? I felt like he was mocking me. What was my fault? As one can understand, it is quite simple to copy some documents, in order to have them hand-written. What was the professor's problem then? Couldn't he just tell me nicely to come again with the invoices hand-written?
     This kind of people make me sick. They are so frustrated that they get pleasure from mocking others. If such kind of a man can get a professor at one of the best universities in the country, this system really has a problem.
     Well, mainly- this is the reason why I can't wait for these last 4 days of my session to pass faster. I am sick and tired of  all of these.
     I think of  my next tournaments, I imagine myself winning a game and I try not to spend my nerves on frustrated people.

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