Thursday, 27 June 2013

Me at worst

     It's been a tradition to post only my best games on the blog. I have decided that it should change- I also have terrible, very disappointing games.
     My game from the last round (13th) of the last year's World Junior Championship is on the top of "the black list". I had a good tournament- playing against all the favorites and sometimes even leading the tournament. If I would win in the last round against a lower rated opponent, I would have shared the 1-4 place, taking the 3rd one based on the additional criteria.
     I think that I felt too close to this medal. I knew I was a better player than my opponent at that moment and it made me be too optimistic about my position during the game...
     This is the game from which I've learned a lot and I still watch it from time to time in order to remember my mistakes and not to repeat them.

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