Monday, 3 June 2013

Itch to play

     My summer has begun simply "fantastic"- with 2 weeks full of exams...
     I've started to really appreciate my life as a chess player- doing what I like- playing tournaments, training- compared to what I'll be doing for these 2 weeks- studying hard and even so- worrying that I may not pass the exams... I know that I need this degree, but when I think that I could have played 2 tournaments instead, I feel sorry for myself :))
     Well, there's nothing to be done, but to continue suffering these 13 days left and dreaming about a real "chess summer".
     I have my financial accounting exam in an hour and I hope that I'm ready for it!
     I follow the games from the "Grand Europe-Albena Open" during my breaks from studying. A lot of friends of mine play there and I keep my fingers crossed for them! You can follow the games here:  The results and the pairings can be found on: 
      I wish I could have played in such a strong event too- it would have been much more interesting than studying Economics, but sometimes- some sacrifices have to be made... I am sure that I will have a fantastic itch to play in my next tournament, until which I hope to survive :D 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
xoxo from Iasi ;)

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