Thursday, 6 June 2013

The price of choices

     I've never been so sure about what I want to do with my life.
     One needs a cold shower from time to time in order to see things clearly. It's difficult to accept your failure. It's disappointing to realise that you simply can't do certain things, but afterall, it's better to know your limits and to stop doing things that don't suit you.
     I've always been an overachiever- the best at school, the best at chess. I've got used to this- I always tried to be the best at everything I did and it made it even more difficult for me to accept a failure. I feel like I've let down myself.
     I don't know whether I should keep trying or I should focus on things that are really important for me. I guess that the second option makes more sense...
     On the other hand, what about all the people whom I'll disappoint with my quitting? I know that it's my life and I should do what I think that is right for me, but something doesn't let me do it. I wanted the sheep and the wolves to smoke the pipe of peace, but it turned to be quite impossible.
     I wish I could choose the second option with a less price.

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