Monday, 29 July 2013

Getting hotter

     Six rounds have already passed at the EIWCC in Belgrade.
     There's no one with a perfect score- Nino Khurtsidze is leading the tournament with 5,5p/6, followed by 5 players with 5p- Valentina Gunina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Salome Melia, Hoang Thanh Trang and Deimante Daulyte.
     I am on a "mighty" +1... :P I managed to win yesterday after losing 2 games in a row. You can follow the live games here:
     It's unbelievable how many blunders happen in each game here! Everyone blunders- no matter of the level- I guess that the Serbian heat is to blame :D It's not my fault that I blundered a piece, right?
     Well, and now seriously- it's a tough tournament- there's no "weak" player- everyone is motivated- everyone prepares and everyone tries to show his best.
     It is the last round before the free day today and I really hope to be in a good mood for visiting the city!
     Here are some photos:

Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky, me and Luminita Cosma

WFM Daria Visanescu

The playing hall



  1. Blundering a piece - I remember doing so in the last round of a team tournament. I had calculated the winning line, suddenly saw a winning bishop sacrifice. My opponent took the bishop, I gave the last check before mate - and suddenly realised the king could return to his original square. Instead of winning by one point, we lost by one point. Instead of us qualifying for the European Club Cup, our opponents did so.

    Although I don't think this story will make you feel better - losing is never nice and can only be described using words not suitable for a lady to read - it does tell that blundering is happening to all of us. In this sense you are not alone, you are not the only one...

    The good news is that my team did qualify another year ;-)

    1. Indeed,losing is never nice... Unfortunately, there's nothing left to do but to learn from your own mistakes and try to be better the next time- which is exactly what I have in mind right now :)

  2. Maybe not the most successful tournament of your life, but indeed, from ones mistakes one learns most. So it can be a very useful tournament anyway. Still - I cross my fingers for you to play the last two rounds without any mistakes to score two elegant wins. Good luck!

  3. I hope that you are well and that you arrived safe and sound at home. The tournament was like life: sometimes you have high hopes and it just doesn't work. Another time however, you will be positively surprised by your own good results. I'm sure of that!