Tuesday, 6 August 2013


     Here I am in Kavala, after a long, tiring and unsuccessful tournament in Belgrade.
     I went to the beach the last 2 days and I had some time to think about what happened. It wasn't in my plans to play so badly- it was even a small shock for me... I wanted to qualify, but instead- I finished on -1 and a big Elo loss. I guess that bad tournaments happen but it's a bit dissappointing when they happen to be the most important ones.
     There are more tournaments to go, more Europeans and more chances to qualify- there's nothing to do now but to try to focus on the upcoming events.
     Kavala is a really nice city, with amazing beaches and nice surroundings. I was a bit afraid to come to play here after my horrible tournament in Belgrade, but I am happy with my decision now- as the Greek sun has charged my batteries, filling it with some positive thoughts :)

     Here is the link where you can follow the results: http://chess-results.com/tnr106851.aspx?lan=11

Wish you all a nice summer!

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