Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Belgrad's Soul

     Here I am in Belgrad. It is my first time here and I'm already in love with this city! I hope to have more time to explore it during the free day! Like a friend told me- Belgrad has a soul ;)
     As about the tournament- it is organized on a very high level- as it was expected, there's live commentary of the live games every day- the playing hall is also nice- there's nothing to complain about.
      I've got 2p/2 so far, winning as a favourite. You can follow the results here:
     Here are some photos:
With Daria Visanescu

WGM Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky
WFM Daria Visanescu

With Luminita Cosma

     All the best from Belgrad! ;)



  1. Succesfull defense today, 2,5/3 - you go girl! Good luck in the rest of the tournament!

  2. Congrats, during lunchtime I was watchin' your game, u had a -4 in the computer analysis, I thought u were lost. Later in the evening I found out about that amazing knight sacrifice! U r a fighter girl! Enjoy the rest of the tournament, I'll be on your side, Doe, John Doe.

  3. OK, less successfull today. James Bond would say: hope for qualification might die another day, but now it still is alive!

  4. See? +1 again. In the evening it will be +2!