Monday, 8 July 2013


     The Turkish League is over. Unfortunately, our team didn't qualify for the 1st League... We were really close, but we were too unucky in the last round's match.
     I've scored 7,5p/9, winning some Elo points. Here's my game from the last round:

     It was really nice to play after one and a half month without chess!
     I will play in Kazan, at the Universiade starting from tomorrow. I am still in Denizli now- will get to Russia tonight. The tournament is going to be a very tough one- with double rounds and a lot of strong opponents. It will be a good preparation for the following EIWCC in Belgrad.
     In the same time, I'm really curious about the atmosphere at the Universiade- so many young athlets from all over the World gathered in one place!

     I hope to have a good tournament there and to make some worthy memories!

xoxo from Denizli ;)

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