Thursday, 11 July 2013


     The Universiade goes great for me so far! I've got 4p/4 and I feel just amazing.
     The tournament is organized on a very high level- it is a pleasure for me to go to the playing hall and to play every game.
     Here are some photos:

Alexandru Stanciu, Mariana Ionita, Madalina Anusca, Tibiu Georgescu and Teodora Vasile ( from left to right)

Teodor Anton and Robert Hajbok

Raluca Sgircea and me 
Madalina Anusca

Madalina and Teodora 
Alexandru and Teodor

     You can follow the results here: and the live games here:
     I won a nice game today, here it is:

     We're going to have a double round again tomorrow. Normally, I'd say "Ufff, so difficult...", but I get a great pleasure from playing chess in this tournament!

     Today is the birthday of my teammate- Raluca Sgircea and I'd like to wish her lots of success, love and happiness! Stay the same amazing young lady we all know you as!

Raluca Sgircea

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