Saturday, 20 July 2013

Slovenian WIM Vesna Rozic

     It is a very sad feeling when reading  yet another article about a chess player who needs our help because of a serious disease... I am talking about the Slovenian WIM Vesna Rozic now, who's fighting against cancer.

Vesna Rozic

Donations should be addressed to the Regional Association of the Red Cross Maribor, IBAN: SI56 0451 5000 0397 432, Ref: 50751, purpose: Vesna Rožic (Bank details: Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor, Vita Kraigherja 4, 2505 Maribor, BIC/Swift code: KBMASI2XXXX). All funds received will be reserved exclusively for the payment of expenses for Vesna's treatment in Germany. In the event that more funds than necessary will be raised the remaining money will be allocated to the development of young chess players and chess activities of the Slovenia Chess Federation. – Primoz Kokalj, Secretary of the Slovenian Chess Federation..

      You can find more details on this  here:

     Here's one of the many good games which Vesna has played:


     We win so many times on the chess board and it makes me think if it makes us better fighters in life too... Maybe all the won games can be traded for just one win in a battle for life.

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