Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Freedom Currency

     In a place where nothing is certain and the most of my deeds are based on instinct rather than on rationing it gets really strange to be around people who know for sure what they are going to do in the next 5 years. It gets even stranger when they tell you the place you'll be by that time. I don't even know where I'm going to be tomorrow...
     I dream of unconditioned freedom, of meeting my destiny with nothing
but a rucksack on my back, a smile on my face and the wind carrying me on.
     They used to fight for freedom and to sacrifice their lives so their children could have a chance to know what liberty is. Their fight was won, but I still feel an invisible chain. As long as you're a part of society, you'll never be free, because there are always people whose opinion is more important than what you feel.
     There are people who pretend to be free, they wear the mask of "not carrying" but even they are being fooled because they are not free enough to be able to relinquish their freedom when the moment comes.
     I think that life is about the moments when you crave for liberty and you're too afraid to claim it and about the ones when it's a price you're gladly willing to pay, but they don't accept this currency.
     Just give me a call when freedom has reveled itself to you...

xoxo from Chisinau ;)


  1. Everybody wear a mask Irina. «Avec quelle quantité d'illusions ai-je dû naître pour pouvoir en perdre une chaque jour !» Emil Cioran

  2. Freedom is not a nono-concept - responsibility goes with freedom. You seem to have a high sense of responsibility so I say that you can navigate towards your freedom while acknowledging practical considerations. A struggle. Look for model people and see what you can learn from their words and actions. Defining identity is tough! Take care and seek out you dreams. Big smile.

  3. Meerry New Year.....