Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Double Skip

With my dear sister, Elena
     There are not many things going on lately, though I can't complain about a loose schedule either ;)
     2015 has started promising for me, I got the chance to spend a few days in Chisinau, with my
family (finally got to see my beloved sister). I am so lucky to have such an amazing sibling! She's my little ray of sunshine :) I miss her too much since she's moved to study in the UK...
     I got back to Iasi then, have to honor my being a student mission. The exams will start soon, so I have to study a bit :) It's only half a year left and I'll graduate! I am happy about it, though I can't stop wondering how could time fly so quickly...
     I feel like I'm on a crossroad, what's next now? You know, they say- graduate high school, get a degree and then... I don't like the get a job part, so I'll just skip it, the marrying, children part- double skip- too early, so I guess I have a "some" years gap to fill in with smth- preferably with some amazing chess memories ;)
     These being said, I'll try not to look too far away in the future and focus on my Uni Saga :))) I promise a huge article about the Romanian Studying System when I get my degree, there might be some curious professors getting friendly with google :P
     Wish you all a fine week and a great time following Wijk aan Zee!

xoxo from Iasi ;)

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