Friday, 2 January 2015

Between Words

      A New Year is here, but there's pretty much time to speak about 2015.
     2014 was a very full year, one filled with many hopes, firsts, achievements and some disappointments as well. Chess has kept being the satellite of my planet Earth and there are no changes in the horizon. The more I play chess, the more I enjoy the chess lifestyle, with all the traveling, discovering new places and people. I keep ferreting different life aspects and I love seeing myself constantly changing. I don't know if it's what they call progress, but there are less and less wars I lead against myself. I've enjoyed being 20+, becoming independent and there are fewer and fewer "no's" I say to myself.

   2015 is the year of my graduation and I really hope that I'll never have to use my diploma. I don't want to live in a World where playing chess is just a hobby. Some friends told me that this year will be about freedom for me.
     Can't do anything about it but embrace it with my heart and mind opened!
     Have a Happy New Year and don't be afraid to say "Yes"!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)

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