Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Want a piece?

     As I'm done with my first exam and my session at Uni is officially opened, have thought of some nice way to relax and to take my thoughts from studying all kind of Management stuff. I think you've guessed what came across my mind- chess!
     Here's a game which I particularly like from my latest tournament in Groningen:

Black to move
      This position came from a Caro-Kann, me being black vs Hulshof Peter (2178). The position is looking very comfortable for black, with such a great knight on "a4", though, if black is not to take some immediate actions, white might play Rd4, with the obvious idea of getting rid of my knight, which would leave me with pretty much nothing.
      In this moment, I got the idea of exploding the position with a piece sacrifice! It is not winning, but I couldn't bare such a big temptation! 20... f6! 21. Rd4, and now...
Black to move

     21...Nxc3 might have been more precise, but 21...Nxb2 proved to work as well. 22.Qxb2- fxe5 23. Rdd1- Rxf2. My opponent failed to find the best defense, which was 23.Rg4- with an unclear position.
White to move

     White's position is already lost, despite the extra piece, black has complete domination. 24.Kh1- Be4 25. Rg1- Qe3 26. Rd2- Rcf8

White to move

     Black threats 27... Bxg2 28.Rxg2- Rf1+ with mate, white doesn't have any good enough defense, so he played 27. Bf3 and after R8xf3 white resigned.
     I really like playing attacking chess and being given the opportunity to make an interesting sacrifice, I usually don't think twice :D

     Wish you all a nice week, without too much calculation!

xoxo from Iasi ;)


  1. Very nice! I was distracted by the queenside and tried to make ...a5 and ...Nxb2 followed by ...a4 work. Never noticed the possibility of ...f6.

  2. i do not understand... :/
    u meant to ask us...
    Do weee want a piece of Youuuu??!!! :O
    how could YOU...