Thursday, 15 January 2015

Call me Shallow

     I could write about countless things today, like the birthday of the great Romanian poet- Mihai Eminescu, or about the very interesting Tata Steel Chess tournaments, but I prefer to approach a more personal theme- sports.
     I think that Sport is the best thing that have ever happened to me, and I'm not talking only about chess, I'm talking about jogging, fitness, table tennis, swimming, etc.

      I haven't been a big fan of being on move since forever. I've discovered the pleasure and the adrenaline that practicing sports induce only in 2009 and since then, with some 2 years gap, I've become very friendly with all kind of sports. Jogging is my all favorite, as I have a quite good resistance and I enjoy running with my headphones on... It clears my mind when I'm worried about too many things and it helps me meditate on all kind of matters. Jogging gives me a sense of control not only over my body, but over my life as well. I guess that some people don't need it, as they can get this feeling from elsewhere, but for me- it's the best option I've discovered so far.
     I have in mind some more sports that I find quite appealing, but I still didn't have the courage to try them for good and that's basketball and box. I hope that they will cross my way at some point :)
     I remember that I started to practice sports only because of the strive to change my body and nowadays, more and more people associate working out only with a great care about self image. It's not that it's an all false impression, I just think that people who pretend not to care about their bodies are either unaware of the health risks they're exposed to, or they've lost their believe that they could change themselves, so they just call the "5 times a week working out" people- "shallow".

     It's not like I'm a saint in living healthy or smth, but I think that practicing sports is an easy way to balance at least some of the unhealthy things we're exposed to in our lives (willingly or not).

Wish you all a week full of adrenaline and sports!

xoxo from Iasi


  1. As he approached his 90th birthday, Winston Churchill was asked the secret of longevity. "Sport," he replied. "I never, ever got involved in sport." :)))))

    1. Yeah, Churchill's recipe for a long life was smoking luxury cigars :))) I guess it's just another approach... ;)

  2. Looking good! :-)

    I think the "shallow" reputation comes from the guys who seem not to own any shirts. They are always walking around bare-chested. At least SOME level of fitness is important in chess - as well as life.

    I do not own dumbbells that weight more than 25 lbs (roughly 11 kg). And I've found that I don't need to. For cardio I prefer walking to jogging. It's more my speed. :-)


  3. How can something that pleases you personally, gives you new energy and does not harm others be bad? In such cases it is often best to ignore the negative comments because they take your energy away. Aagaard wrote about that in "Excelling at chess".

    After reading your blog I decided to go outside to cycle instead of reading the news. So I'd call you inspiring instead of shallow. Keep on blogging & exercising!

    1. It is nice to hear that my post inspired you! Wish you all the best! :)

  4. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Ur post hasnt inspired me yet! :/

    my problem differs...
    i dont exercise, i eat a lot, i cant resist sweets and icecreams, i sleep atleast 10 hrs average daily...buttttt!
    cant get fat.
    the only thing i do daily like exercise is playing guitars and drumss..
    Whyyyyyy??? why o why
    cant get fat :/
    id like to get a little fat to workout around ma belly..but :grr!
    maybe like 4pack, 6pack or 8 or 10! lol
    Nice post...btw
    &merry new yr