Thursday, 25 December 2014

Redhead in Groningen

     Half of the tournament has already passed. Yeah, that's how I'll start this post, no mention of any celebration- still too early for that.

     I have 2,5p/4 with 3 draws and a win- 3 draws!!! I normally make them in 3-4 tournaments :))) Have never ever been such a solid player before! :D Don't think that I didn't try to win- I played 100 moves in the 1st game and 135 in the 2nd one ('ve discovered that the Queen+Knight vs Queen endgame is a dead draw, but not before tormenting my opponent and myself for 50 moves).
     Well, now- getting to the interesting part...
     I had a fantastic experience the other evening! The tournament director invited us to a special event- an evening dedicated to the French composer- Eric Satie. There was live piano music, there was fantastic singing and a mute movie that impressed me a lot and made me regret that I am such a rare bird in the artistic entourage.
     And here comes the Christmas part...
     It is my first Christmas away from home and I don't really feel its spirit. I've always associated it with home, with too much tasty food, lots of presents and too many family members :D
     We had a different celebration of Christmas this year- with chess players, blitz, jokes, fun, going out and fun again :) Can't tell which one I liked more- both have their own charm :P

     All these being said, have a nice Christmas and if you don't- never mind- it's just a day in the calendar!

Ioana Gelip and Vlad Stegariu

With Alex Stegariu

xoxo from the redhead in Groningen


  1. Merry Christmas from the United States!


  2. Merry Christmas from Peter, Leicester England.

  3. Merry Christmas, dear readers! :)

  4. A little bit of a slow start but good strong finish in the last 3 games at Groningen!
    Robert 111111

  5. Merry Xmas also from Mars