Friday, 3 October 2014

Fantastic W&W

     We've just entered a very entertaining month-October. There are many celebrations these days in Moldova.
     My favorite season is Autumn, I love the golden leaves, the dark rainy days, the melancholy of the running wind :)
     I have had a really amazing day, one which characterizes the way I see a perfect day of life. I have worked in the morning (and I am really pleased with the results), I have had a fantastic lunch and then I went for a walk, visiting on my way the "Tulburel Festival". This Festival is a part of the National Wine Day, which is very popular in Moldova.
     Many people who are asked about Moldova say "Yeah, fantastic wines and women!" ( there are a lot who think it's in Africa as well :)))) I can't agree more with the first part of this saying (as about about the 2nd one- it's not me to judge :P ). Moldavian wines are really great and if you think about an interesting way to spend your weekend, you could try to visit Chisinau during this Festival! Read more about it here:
     There have been some really nice days and it feels really good to work and then to spend quality time with my family!

     Wish you all a nice weekend!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)


  1. Me too!
    Favorite season too!
    October too!
    birthmonth too!
    I iz a scorpio too!

    But, Y r u tempting us innocent blog readers & surfers with those mouth-watering W&W...? ? :p
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