Monday, 22 September 2014

Game Over

     I am home!!!
     Yes, after a long, long period of playing and traveling, I have finally got to a place where I can have a rest and I can think what is there to do next.
      With the University starting next week and some other projects I am onto I hope to keep myself busy. It is really strange to get used to the calm "day by day-no game" life after 3 months where my main thought was "what should I play tomorrow?" or what to choose between a 10 hours bus ride and some 14 hours by train.

      My next tournament will be not sooner than the end of October, so until then- more posts on my blog and less stuff to worry about :)

xoxo from Iasi ;)


  1. Game over. .!
    Just like that, no happy ending.
    I just wanna say,. . .umm.
    Game over! LoL.

    Hey, if u have nothing to blog about your chess journey, atleast tell us bedtime stories filled with magic, dinosaurs, powers, heroes, colors, dragon, lights and night skies,..etc with happy ending. :/
    i love the night sky!


  2. In fact the game is over. Stay in your Country, or rest in peace.
    tell us bedtime stories with naked photos :D


    1. Have to disappoint you- not going to happen- you're on the wrong site.

  3. LoL
    Wtf did i just brought in! :D

    Now, im not the biggest jerk here.
    Anyway "Sex troll" hijacking&attacking a woman's personal blog..Is PATHETIC.
    Unless youre a mad female chess lady, one of Irina's opponents, beaten recently in chess tournaments. LoL.
    &Should be done on social networking sites, where all your friends, families, relatives, spamcops&modz can see what u do.

    Also, Read the "Achievements" section of the blog first, & have some respect.
    If not chess,
    atleast as a social animal.
    ...And i was wrong for starting a
    sarcastic-troll-bait-joke here. :D

    But then, U can always ignore my comments,
    U knew that already.

    Good luck.
    & just keep blogging in your free time...

    1. @ o_x
      You are under arrest for violating the english grammar rules again. Its BRING! BRING! BRING! lol
      For the "3th" time. :D

    2. Lol. Shut up.
      I thot i graduated kindergarten last yr. :o

      is not gonna happen- have to disappoingt u also- Im under arrest only if ure a chicky police-chick. :|

      again, ure on the wrong site.
      Dis is nawh public chat room, dis is a chess blog! :/

  4. The game is never over!!

    It's always just beginning...