Monday, 20 October 2014

Fast Thinker

     Days seem to pass quicker and more eventful in Cap d'Agde...

     Four rounds are already behind and I am satisfied with my 3,5p/4, though the quality of the games could have been better. The time control is a bit different from the one I'm used to- it's 90 minutes + 30s per move with no extra time after 40 moves, so many games are decided not only by the strength of the player but also by his ability to be a "fast thinker". Luckily, I have proved to be good at the later today :D
     There are many interesting encounters still being disputed and I am very curious whom I'm going to play against tomorrow. There is no live broadcast of the games unfortunately but you can check the results here:

     As about everything else, France keeps to be a welcoming host, spoiling us with a very nice weather and a really cool atmosphere for a chess tournament.
      I am really happy that I've decided to play here and I hope that my best chess is still ahead!

xoxo from Cap d'Agde ;)

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  1. Just looked at rd 8 standings - elite performance!