Saturday, 18 October 2014

French Savours

     Bonsoir a tous!
     No, I haven't suddenly started to speak French, though I wouldn't mind it at all :D I am back to Cap d'Agde, a really nice Mediterranean resort where a great Chess Festival takes place. More than 500 participants is kind of impressing!
      I've been here in 2012 and I really liked it (despite of me being rubbed on the way from Toulouse to Agde :)))  The "Centre de Vacances" where the Festival takes place doesn't have many stars, but it has its own atmosphere- a very friendly and a very "French" one. I don't know how it comes, but every time I return here I feel different-more free, more dreamy, more melancholic...
     The thing I enjoy the most here is the very tasty food :D One shouldn't be a gourmet in order to appreciate the great variety of French savours. Many national dishes, lots of fruits and desserts, different kinds of "fromage", wines for any taste- in one word- "magnifique"!
     Forgive my describing the food, it's explained by the fact that I'm really hungry after a surprisingly difficult game which I've somehow managed to win. The first round is over and I feel like a lot of fight is ahead. We'll have a double round tomorrow and I hope to show some good chess. Follow the news and the results on the official site of the event:
     Here are some photos:

     Stay tuned for more impressions (I hope positive ones) the days after the double round!

xoxo from France ;)


  1. You look So nice and so sweet :)

  2. I take photos also

  3. Good luck in the rest of your games!