Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Evolve and Adapt!

     I am in an a bit melancholic mood lately and with "lately" I mean the last 2 days, since the World Junior Chess Championship has started in Pune, India.
     This Championship was my most awaited tournament of the year in 2011,'12 and '13 and many hopes and dreams were linked to it. I guess that I can be called a "veteran" of this Championship, as I participated 4 times there, the first one being in 2005, when I was only 11 yo. I am a bit old for it now, but I am following it's games with great interest, as I know the competitiveness, the pressure and the great tension which rule there.
     Well, I guess it's enough about me, time never stays and one has to evolve and adapt in order to keep the pace with the running away time :D
      Romania is represented by Ioana Gelip in the Girls section and Bogdan Deac in the Open one. You can follow their results and games on the official site of the event: http://www.worldjuniorchess2014.com/ The games start every day at 2.30 pm local time (12 pm Romanian time).
     Thirteen rounds is a very, very long way to go and I wish our players best of luck, lots of inspiration and steel nerves!
Bogdan Deac
Ioana Gelip

     Keep your fingers crossed for them!

     P.S. A great encounter awaits for us on the first board of the Open section today, as Bogdan is facing the nr.1 favorite- Fedoseev Vladimir, rated 2661!

    xoxo from Chisinau ;)


  1. //
    fin4lly. Got thru The captcha r0b0t test.again.
    y we aaaalways need 2 prove that we're not robots.!? :/
    its annoying//

    Me toooo0000!!
    ive been to Pune once, twoooooo!
    But my purpose wasnot chess; :|
    i guess it was my busy sister's stuffs, idk,....
    But i was there just to have fun, &hang around..while theyre busy.

    (WhY Iona Gelip is always looking angry and doing the Wrestling "headcrusher" thing??) :O


  2. Ioana looks very cute 😏