Sunday, 12 October 2014

Iasi 600 Simul

     It seems like summer is back in Iasi these days!
     Many, many interesting events are taking place during the "Days of Iasi Festival" here. One must take a walk down the Stefan cel Mare street in order to understand the great atmosphere of these "oh,so summerish" days of Autumn! You can check out the program of the events here:
     It felt great to be a part of the holidays! A big simul given on 600 boards by the best 20 sportsmen of Iasi was organized yesterday. It took place in front of the City Hall and it attracted lots of kids, chess lovers and just curious spectators. I think that it is a great way of making chess popular and I am grateful to the organizers- the "Iasi County Chess Association" for making this event possible! It is their tireless efforts that have put Iasi on the World Chess Map! Check the latest chess news from Iasi here:

     I played so many games yesterday, that I can't even count them. One kid was taking a sit after another, even arguing who's turn it is to play! It was a great joy being a part of it! Parents prompting moves to their children and when they didn't obey, just waiting for them to finish the game and then sitting themselves to play against me!
                                                              I don't know the final score, but I remember that I had to congratulate 2 of my opponents for beating me and another one for managing to make a draw. In my defense, they were far from being kids :D and I suspect them to be serious club players! Anyways- good for them- it is a pleasure to discover that there are a lot of people who love chess and are good at playing it!
     Once again, I would like to say a big thank you to the participants, organizers and to all the chess lovers! It is great to see kids being encouraged to play "the game of the wise"!


xoxo from Iasi ;)