Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Tradition

Many interesting things are happening at the Romanian League.

     I have managed to convince my pieces that it's better to stay with me than to desert and I've won the last 4 games, scoring 4p/5. Our team has got the "4-0 virus" and we've won all the matches since the last post. There are two more rounds to go and I hope that we'll keep the lead!
     The main drama is happening in the men section, where the "favorite teams" are slashing each other with no mercy. You can check the results here:
     As you might know, it was my birthday yesterday- I've turned 21 yo... I don't feel any different but I'm really happy that I spent it here, among friends and in such a nice chess atmosphere. I have a tradition- I win every game I play on my birthday (no matter of the strength of the opponent) since I'm a little kid. Yesterday was no exception and it made my day even better! Maybe I have to play against Carlsen next year, who knows, maybe "the tradition" will frighten even him :D

     "The Match" is keeping everyone under pressure- the first thing I do after I finish my games is to check the result. Honestly, I didn't expect the match to be so interesting and Anand's win was definitely a surprise to me! I am not cheering for any of the sides, I just enjoy this beautiful chess battle!
     After all, it's a beautiful life the life of a chess professional!

Wish you all a nice evening!

xoxo from Calimanesti ;)


  1. Happy belated birthday! Most people don't like playing on their birthday...losing will make one feel extra miserable. You have "solved" this problem by deciding never to lose. Smart!

    Good luck last few rounds.